Öresjö recreational area

When the sun is shining, the beach at Öresjö comes to life. But big differences in ground levels and difficult terrain excluded large groups of people. The overall goal was to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities. If a site is welcoming for someone in a wheelchair, then it is welcoming for everyone. That knowledge was central in our design process.

The work started with a masterplan,to create better connections,flow and accessibility. New toilets, a new ice cream and hot dog stand, upgraded furniture and playgrounds were suggested in order to improve the overall quality. It is a beautiful site that requires extra consideration when adding new elements. Natural materials such as wood, stone, gravel and sand were obvious choices. Simple forms such as the circle and distinct frames creates a tension between the wild nature and constructed elements. When placing buildings, important views were considered.

TYP: Förslagshandling och projektering
ORT: Öresjö, Trollhättans kommun
ÅR: 2010-2014
BESTÄLLARE: Trollhättans kommun