Jubilee park

Jubilee park is one of Gothenborgs biggest projects and will be a zestful part of the new city district Frihamnen. Team MARELD +atelier le balto have been commissioned to investigate, research and propose a phased social, economic and environmental growth strategy for the delivery of Jubilee park, Gothenburg. Instead of interrupting project processes we integrate our ideas with a “step by step” approach to the regeneration of Frihamnen.

The project area might not be as biodiverse as an undisturbed landscape, but it clearly stands out in the Gothenburg context with its soft shoreline and urban wilderness that stand as remnants of the cities industrial past.

Our long term vision for Jubileumsparken is one of an experiential landscape. We want people to have the opportunity to enjoy the urban, recreational landscapes of Frihamnen and the naturalistic landscapes of Kvillepiren. The transitions will be seamless as shoreline inspired flora, fauna and habitats bind places together. Users will experience a landscape that gradually changes from an active and urban one to a calmer and vegetated one.

Working with the existing site situation, specifically the existing vegetation and soil, through various sustainable techniques, materials and strategies we aim to retain and strengthen the genius loci or “spirit of Frihamnen”.

MARELDs team has a lot of expertise for example light design, construction till civic participation processes and eco design.

TYP: Inbjuden tävling, fortsatt uppdrag
ORT: Göteborg, Frihamnen
ÅR: 2O16-pågår
BESTÄLLARE: Göteborgs stad