About us


MARELD strives for a sustainable society with an ecological, social and economic perspective. Through knowledge and experience of green systems, we want to contribute with architecture that harmonizes with nature’s processes.

MARELD believes that landscape architecture is something beyond design and function. We want to enrich people’s everyday life. By being responsive and sensitive to the identity and condition of a site, we create unique, memorable places of quality and character.

With roots in the tradition of Scandinavian architecture, where people, place and function are in focus, we turn complex questions into beautiful and meaningful places.


MARELD landscape architects have their roots in Hunnebostrand, the heart of Bohuslän. The office was started in 2006 by Oskar Ivarsson. In August 2012 MARELD opened a branch in Gothenburg and since May 2013 have located at Esperantoplatsen. By moving here, MARELD want to be the natural option for clients, both in the big city and the small town.

The office/Business

MARELD is a small office that always delivers personal and professional advising. Our focus is that our architecture and design meets and satisfies our client’s wishes and financial limits. The key to a successful outcome is a combination of practical experience and innovative thinking. When MARELD undertakes a project, we promise full involvement and genuine commitment.


All of our employees have previously worked at well-known architectural offices in Sweden and abroad. This ensures high quality and an open-minded approach to our work. As a team we have in-depth knowledge and experience of all project phases, from developing a concept through to final inspection. We regularly work with a network of expert consultants whom we can call upon should a project require lighting design or artwork for example. It is our firm belief that teamwork delivers the best results. Everyone at MARELD contributes to the success of the practice! This is one of the many benefits of being a small office – it is easy to have a very open and  flexible organization structure. We believe that our team structure and working environment provides clients with the best quality service.


As a practice we are constantly evolving to improve our knowledge, understanding and service. It is our goal to always be better! This in turn is achieved by being open minded, good listeners and learners. We enjoy meeting people and adapting to new working methods. All employees regularly contribute to improving MARELDS quality management systems.